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Our Kindergarten

Branch of Public Foundation “Nursultan Nazarbaev Educational Foundation” Miras Kindergarten in Almaty was founded in September 2014.

A distinctive feature of Miras Kindergarten is introduction of an integrated program developed on the basis of the international and domestic experience in preschool education.
Education in groups of children aged 2 and up is based on a bilingual approach in Kazakh and Russian. Much attention is paid to studying English.
A complex of health-improving and developmental activities with children includes physical training, swimming and choreography. In order to reduce a morbidity rate, the following medical and preventive procedures are held in the Kindergarten: throat and nose ultraviolet irradiation, massage, physiotherapy treatment, herbal tea, air tempering activities.
The Kindergarten teachers develop and encourage children’s creative activity by creating situations where every child becomes an artist, poet, and can realize own creativity through teamwork and individual activity.
While working with families, the Kindergarten teachers adhere to the rule: only an alliance with parents can produce a positive effect in the development of every child.


Helping the child to be independent - we help him become successful!


Education of a harmoniously developed personality, the disclosure of the creative and intellectual potential of the child, social adaptation to the constantly changing world.

Almaty, 050010, Zenkov St. 52,

Opening hours:
с 8:00 до 18:30

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